The last 2 weeks have been different, interesting, challenging and anxious. We have all found ourselves in unbelievable territory in unimaginable circumstances. But the ‘Fairway Family’ have pulled together in quite staggering ways.

Our team of superstars in the office have kept the ship sailing, with incredible dexterity. We have managed a huge hit on availability due to self-isolation, but with an impressive response we have not only maintained, but actually increased the clients that we are currently supporting through this difficult time. In these hugely challenging 2 weeks, we have provided 10,000 hours of care and support to the social care sector in a time of huge demand, need and difficulty. To say we have stepped up is an understatement. It is fantastic.

This of course wouldn’t be possible without the bravery, commitment and support of our wonderful health and social care professionals who are dedicated, vocational, inspirational and wonderful. So many have put their hands up and continued to go out and work at the coal face, on the front line, ensuring that clients and service users are served to the best of our ability. Enabling families, friends and relatives to know that their loved ones are still receiving care, compassion and respect.

Our Sister company Embark Learning has performed miracles. Switching the entire delivery model on its head to design, implement and roll out VLE delivery. Virtual learning platforms and learner resources designed, set up and tested in literally days to ensure that essential training continues. This is to support front line staff with essential training, to ensure safe practice and to support our clients and partners to recruit in difficult times. The team work, the innovation, the desire and determination to make it happen has been sensational to watch and it confirms just how good a team we have in the businesses. Dedicated, quality and experts in the field.

Across both companies, we are continually pulling out all the stops to keep this going and to offer our full support to the health and social sector that is simply essential and necessary in supporting the NHS through this incredible time. To Fairway and Embark staff across the board – amazing – thank you and well done.