Welcome to Fairway Homecare – Homecare services Birmingham

Welcome to Fairway Homecare – Homecare services Birmingham

Are you looking for people who know how to help and be there for you….you’ve found us

At Fairway Homecare we believe in putting you first. Homecare providers Birmingham.
Fairway Homecare also provide Homecare services for young adults in the Midlands, with Learning Disabilities or are in need of 24 hour support homecare or Respite care in the Midlands.

We will work closely with you and those important to you to maintain your independence within your own home.

Fairway Homecare focus on the delivery of a superior level of service to Service Users matching individual needs and preferences. We offer a quality portfolio of services which is sweeping and comprehensive. Training, Compliance, Recruitment, Marketing, HR and Payroll departments work together to provide a complete service and Service User satisfaction. Fairway Homecare are forward thinking and industry leading.

For us the key objective is to provide a wide ranging, flexible, responsive and accessible portfolio of care and care related services in a cost-effective manner, with packages that are personally tailored to suit the Client’s needs.

We therefore promote Service Users involvement in planning the service they receive, giving choice and equality of opportunity is central to our approach.

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The Quality of Our Service to You

The Quality of Our Service to You

We always seek to ensure that you get the best possible care. Staff undertake quality assurance visits and quality control checks. These visits enable us to improve services by acting upon your feedback.

Annually a qualified person will visit you to see that your needs and expectations are being met. You will have the opportunity to talk with them directly and have a friend or relative present. You may also contact our Branch Manager based at Fairway Healthcare Head Office at any time to air your views.

Once a year, you will be given a questionnaire asking you to record your satisfaction or otherwise with the care that you are receiving. The results of the survey will be collated and presented to the senior management group and a copy will be forwarded to CQC.

A qualified person will also undertake a quality control check on all Care Workers.
This involves them visiting and assessing Care Workers on duty to monitor the care we deliver.
All of these quality measures are strictly confidential and are treated seriously.

The Sevices we provide

The Sevices we provide

We provide a range of services for service users within the following groups:

• Older people
• People with dementia
• Adults with learning disabilities
• Adults with physical disabilities
• Adults with mental health issues
• Adults with sensory impairments
• Adults with terminal illness
• Adults who suffer from poor health

Personal Assistance Including:

• Assistance with Washing
• Assistance with Shaving (not wet shaving)
• Assistance with Oral care
• Assistance with Dressing
• Assistance with Toileting
• Assistance with Continence care
• Assistance with Feeding
• Assistance with medication dispensed from a medi-dose or blister pack
• Assistance with getting up or going to bed

Practical Assistance Including:

• Making or changing beds
• Emptying commodes or other continence aids
• Shopping
• Running errands
• Assisting Service User with paying their bills
• Assisting Service Users to collect their pension
• Assisting with laundry and ironing
• Preparing meals for the Service User
• Domestic duties

All the above services are provided by assistants making personal visits at agreed times, the times and durations are arranged to meet your needs and wishes and following a needs assessment. Assistants can be provided if necessary to sleep in overnight or on a waking night basis as well as full 24 hour cover.

An Overview of Delivery of your Care

An Overview of Delivery of your Care

A qualified person will visit you and work with you and any others you wish to be involved to assess your needs. You will carry out a social care needs assessment in order to identify the support you want and require to meet your needs. A copy of the assessment will be left in your home for reference by yourself and your assistants.

The staff member will conduct a basic risk assessment in order to ensure that any activities undertaken will be done so safely protecting the health and wellbeing of yourself and those assisting you. Should one be required the staff member will also carry out a moving and handling risk assessment in order to identify if all the required moving and handling equipment and techniques are in place in order for
us to be able to provide you with the required support. Again a copy of this will be left in your home for reference by yourself and your assistants.

Within the care plan pack there will be communication sheets upon which the assistants will record information about their visit to you including the tasks achieved, the purpose of these sheets is to provide information for assistants, relatives and other health care professionals enabling them to ensure you are receiving the assistance you require. The information left within your home remains the property of Fairway Healthcare and will be reviewed regularly, please do not allow this information to be destroyed or removed from your home. Fairway Healthcare will arrange for collection and storage of this information on a regular basis.

Your care plan and risk assessment will be formally reviewed at least once a year by a qualified person and amended to reflect any changes in your needs, however those who assist you will monitor your care plan and if at any time it is felt your needs have changed they will inform a qualified person to review the care plan.